Tips For Sellers

Learn how to sell on coinswapz safely


To understand and use the site perfectly, there are some things that need to be highlighted and noted for a better buyer experience with sellers and the entire site as a whole. Here are a few tips we came up with just for you.

1) Legit Profile

Make sure to upload real pictures of yourself for your profile and cover photo. Add a little description about yourself and your reason for using the site. It is also important to use your real name as all this will make you gain more trust from buyers. You can update all this details here

2) Earn a badge

Earning a seller verification badge is a very important step you might want to take. To get verified, you need to provide some KYC data; upload photos of your passport or national identity card. You earn a badge once this info is verified by the admins. Being verified gives your seller more reason to trust you, and trust that nothing will go wrong with the trade. Earn a badge

3) Create a proposal

Create a proposal clearly stating your what you can offer and at what price. Have a brief description, and set at least 2 payments methods which you can use to receive payments from your buyers.

4) View buyers requests

Most times, buyers will prefer to post a request with their trading terms, than search for proposals and contact each seller. To increase your chances of making more and better sales, always check out buyers requests, and agree on or propose how you want to trade with them.

5) Find a buyer

We recommend you go for buyers who are verified and have earned a buyer verification badge, to ensure a safe trade. This way we can easily find/track your trader in case something goes with your trade, by using the information collected from him/her. You can also check out the buyer's profile, to see his reviews; if he's been getting negative or positive ones.

6) Build your reputation

Communicate politely, and keep to the rules/terms and conditions of the site. Avoid asking for payments from the buyer without putting funds in safepay first. This may get get your account banned if reported by the buyer. Do your best to earn a good review from your buyer since this reviews affect your profile greatly, and can influence other buyers to either trade with you or not.

Terms related to the use of this platform

▪️T.O.T: Stands for terms of trade. This is the offer or details and conditions for a crypto swap/trade which is created by the buyer, and left for the seller to either approve or decline

▪️Proposal: Sellers need to create trade proposals that specifies what coins they are interested in, the minimum and maximum amount they can trade, and so on.

▪️Featured proposals: These are trade proposals that appear at the top, and on the featured proposals page. Featured proposals are often owned by verified sellers, and they usually pay a fee for this.

▪️Request: On this site, requests can only be posted by buyers. Often it is used by buyers who want to find a seller easily so they post a request stating their price and needed crypto, and several sellers reach out to them.

▪️Coinswapz safepay: This is simply the name given to the escrow account of the site. This is where coins collected from the seller are held before the buyer makes payment to the seller. The crypto is automatically released to the buyer 6 hours after an order is completed, or released immediately if the buyer initiates a withdrawal request.

▪️Knowledge bank: This holds all the info that is important for guiding the users on the use of the site.